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KISKA TRAVEL travel agency , Ltd. Karpatska ulica no. 15 , 058 01 Poprad is registered with the Commercial Register of District Court of Presov , section Sro . , no . 14 758/P (hereinafter travel agency or CK).

Travel agency is in compliance with the Act. 281/2001 Z.z. about tours, business conditions of tour operators and travel agencies, insured against insolvency by insurance contract concluded with  Generali insurance company - agreement No. 2408883926 The policy conditions form an integral part of the agreement of providing tour.

Travel agency in accordance with the applicable legislation makes the following





governing relationships between travel agency and the customer arising from the provision of all services by CK and from concluding contracts for their provision via the on-line system, via mobile devices, e - mail or telephone; part hereof, the Complaints procedure .

By using the services of the CK’s portal, using any platform and/or making the booking the client certifies that he has read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions. The part of Terms and Conditions is also a section related to privacy of the third-party information of person concerned in accordance with § 13 para . 1 of the Act . 18/2018 Coll . on the protection of personal data.




Is a private individual or a company with whom CK on the basis of booking entered into a contract relating to a trip, accommodation or other service provided by CK within a timeframe of the receipt of customer's booking until termination of service, regardless of whether the client booked the services to its own use, or for a third party. In the case client booked the services of CK for a third party person, the bearer of the client’s rights and obligations against CK is the person whose is entered into the accommodation voucher or other document allowing to use the servicers agreed with CK. The client is a private individual or a company in whose favour CK mediated provision of services by the accommodation owner (for example accommodation services provided by entities operating under a special regulation, which accommodations are classified into categories such as spa stays, etc.)


2. Travel Agency’s Offer OF Services

2.1. CK’s offer of services and informative base price (the amount depends on the season and other conditions of accommodation) are listed on the CK’s website

The concept of holiday stay used on the website of CK, presentation pages of CK and in these Terms and Conditions represents the period of time from the beginning to the moment of termination of accommodation service.


2.1.1. Presentation pages of individual accommodation facilities include the name, its location , description of facilities , services, which provision is included in the price, offer of other services that the Client can agree on with accommodation owners beyond the scope of the services covered by the agreement concluded with CK (accommodation owner or provider of accommodation immediately ensuring accommodation and related services – further accommodation owner) , discounts on agreed prices and conditions of use, additional fees associated with accommodation not included in the base price of accommodation and other information enabling the customer to choose from a offer of services , which will best meet his or her requirements .

2.2. The information published on the presentation page of accommodation facilities have informative character and may be amended or confirmed by the contract concluded between the Client and CK.



3.1. Check-in time, unless the property information page states otherwise, is the date agreed as the date of arrival between 2:00 p.m. and 7pm.

Client must provide identity documents and voucher at the check-in. Only the client or a person whose name is stated in the travel voucher can check-in.  The landlord is not obliged to accommodate more people than stated in the travel voucher.

3.2. Check-out of the client, unless the property information page  or the contract with CK indicates otherwise , is not later than 10.00am on the agreed last day of the stay.


4. Booking of Stay

Stay in accommodation can be booked by the client via reservation on the webpage CK, on partner website, phone or by writing to CK KISKATRAVEL, Karpatská ulica č. 15, 058 01 Poprad.


5. Booking Confirmation

5.1. On the basis of client’s booking, no later than one business day from its receipt by CK, client must receive a booking confirmation of him/her selected accommodation unit; in the same time frame must CK announce to client if the booked accommodation is not available. Booking confirmation or booking rejection will be delivered to client the same method the booking was executed unless client specifically requests a different delivery method and sent a letter to the CK mail address

5.2. Booking confirmation is its acceptance, with the condition of submitting a prepayment for the service. By paying the agreed prepayment, and in the case prepayment is agreed, the delivery of booking confirmation concludes the agreement between the client and CK about providing services

5.3. The client must in two business day from the day of booking confirmation delivery to pay the prepayment for the stay.

5.4. In case, the client does not pay the prepayment in full by the agreed deadline or two business day deadline, the booking confirmation is no valid and the agreement between the client and CK is not concluded.



6.1. Client must within two business days from the booking confirmation delivery pay on the CK account prepayment for accommodation services in the amount stated in the booking confirmation, usually

- 60% of the total booking price for accommodation; the remainder will be paid to directly to the accommodation owner at the time of check-in

- 100% of the total price for accommodation

After receiving the prepayment on its account, CK will deliver to the client travel voucher, which is a confirmation about the concluded contract between client and CK about services stated in the agreement.

6.2. Travel voucher will be issued in the name of the client or a person to which client delegated the rights to use the agreed services- client will provide CK with name and necessary information of the delegated person. Travel voucher includes information exactly specifying range of services agreed between client and CK - Client entitled person, Booking nr., Contact the representative of CK, Object, Contact of object, Accommodation, Board, Number of adults, Number of children, Arrival, Departure, Extra charges, Note, Paymant on th spot directly to the owner, Date and place of issue of the voucher.

6.3. Client/delegated person has a right, after submitting travel voucher, to the accommodation owner to request the provision of the accommodation and other services stated in the voucher for himself/herself and other persons, whose amount is specified in the travel voucher.




7.1. The base price of the accommodation stay is determined as:

- price for one person per day, possibly a week or whole stay

- price for accommodation per day, possibly a week or whole stay

The price could be determined differently if client and CK agree to do so.


7.2. The price determination method, its amount, additional fees and possible discounts stated in the presentation pages of accommodation units have informative character, the prices stated in the contract between client and CK are binding.

7.3. In the presentation pages of accommodation units are stated services included in the base price of accommodation stay; the accommodation owner is bound to provide these services to the client and the client is authorized to ask for the fulfilment in the full range of such services.

7.4. In case the accommodation owner offers on the presentation pages optional services not included in the base price of the accommodation stay, the provision of such services is subject to the agreement between client and accommodation owner; in this relationship CK does not have representation.



8.1. In the presentation pages of accommodation units could be stated additional fees not included in the base price which the client must pay to the accommodation owner (for example fee for accommodating only person; spa fees etc.)

8.2. Client must pay additional fees to CK:

- for every amendment of the agreed contract, in case client requests the amendment and CK can execute such amendment (for example change of accommodation date, number of persons, etc.)- the fee is €20.

Change to the accommodation date is only possible without incurring additional fees if:

- CK was delivered without further due a confirmation from attending doctor about the health state of the client, which does not allow him/her to utilize the travel voucher in the agreed period.

- an agreement was reached between the accommodation owner and CK about free of charge change of accommodation stay date.


8.3. Discounts from base price which are stated in presentation pages of accommodation units have informative character, they are only binding for client and CK if they are agreed in the contract


CK can agree with client also different discounts than those stated in the presentation materials



9.1. Client is obliged to pay on the account of CK prepayment for the service in the amount stated in booking confirmation within two day of booking confirmation delivery, usually in the amount

- 60% of the total booking price for accommodation; the remainder will be paid to directly to the accommodation owner at the time of check-in

- 100% of the total price for accommodation


9.2. CK and client can agree to pay prepayment for booked service in different amount, possibly via a different delivery method, if there are mutual reasons for doing so.


9.3. CK requests clients for sending the confirmation about payment to include the client’s name and booking number and to be faxed on 421 52 77 654 45 or emailed to .

9.4. Method of payment

9.4.1. Clients from other countries

a) Payment in EUR on our account:
Account number - IBAN: SK38 1100 0000 0026 2003 3355
Variable symbol: prefix 67 + booking number
Bank name : Tatra banka, a.s. 
Bank address: Nám. Sv. Egídia 95, 058 01 Poprad
Account name: Kiska Travel sro
CK address: Karpatská 3256/15, 058 01 Poprad


b) via CardPay



These cancellation conditions apply from 14.2.2018:
Conditions vary in accordance with different accommodation and are always stated at the time when the booking is being made.

10.1. In the event of cancellation Client is obliged to send the cancellation request in writing to, otherwise the Client is obliged to pay a penalty in the amount of the agreed stay.  The day of the cancellation is the day on which the cancellation request was delivered to the Travel Agency. 

Cancellation request will only be accepted if it is sent by the person, who has booked the accommodation stay. The cancellation request must also include the booking number.

10.2. Cancellation conditions stated with each booking do not apply to group bookings. In this case, the individual conditions of each accommodation Owner always apply.

10.3. In case the Travel Agency acts as an intermediary in the provision of accommodation services for the Client, the contractual penalties are specified in the contract between the Client and the accommodation Owner.

Cancellation policy valid for reservations accepted until 14.2.2018:

Cancellation of vacation is always dealt individually with our interest in solving the problem in a satisfactory way for our client. Cancellation is usually done by moving the vacation to another date or by complete cancellation of the vacation without any cancellation fees. Sometimes, despite our best intentions, this is not possible and the following conditions apply:

10.1 The client is obliged to pay to Kiskatravel a fine for withdrawal of the agreement in case the cancellation is:
- cancelled 29 days before the start of the agreed day - cancellation fee of 60% of the total price of the stay

10.2 If the entire stay is paid in advance for the stay and the cancellation is done less than 10 days prior to arrival, a cancellation fee of 100% of the total price of the stay is charged, based on the requirement of the accommodation facility
10.3. The Client is obliged to notify Kiskatravel about his withdrawal from the contract in writing, by e-mail or by post, otherwise the Client is obliged to pay a fine in the amount of the agreed-upon price. The day of notice of withdrawal is the day on which the notice of withdrawal was delivered to Kiskatravel.
10.4. If Kiskatravel acts as an intermediary in the provision of accommodation services for the Client, the contractual penalties are specified in the contract between the Client and the Landlord


Client is obliged to leave the accommodation unit after check-out in its original condition, otherwise he/she is obliged to cover for the damages on the accommodation unit caused (on purpose or not on purpose) by client or persons that stayed in accommodation unit in accordance to the contract or even persons that stayed in the accommodation unit in breach of the contract but client was aware of them. For securing indemnity caused by client in the accommodation unit, if it is indicated in accommodation pages, the accommodation owner can during check-in request from client a deposit payment in the amount indicated in the presentation pages, or otherwise €34.

If there are no damages to the accommodation unit, the accommodation owner is responsible during check-out return the deposit payment to the client. If there are damages to the accommodation unit, the accommodation owner has a right, unless not agreed otherwise with the client, to use the full amount of the part or full amount of the deposit for covering the damages.



12.1 In accordance with the valid legal decrees concerning activities of the travel agencies, the CK is obliged to compensate client for damages incurred on him/her for breaching the conditions of the contract between CK and client, these Terms and Conditions and valid legal decrees concerning activities of the travel agencies.

12.2. Travel agency does not compensate for damage caused by client incurred by withdrawing from the contract or breaching the obligations arising from the contract or breaching these Terms and Conditions, if these damages were neither incurred by CK nor by providers of CK’s services, but the damage was caused:

a) client or

b) third party, which is not connected to CK or servicer provider or

c) event, which was not possible to be avoided due to unpredictable circumstances


12.3. Client is responsible to CK for damage incurred by breaching the conditions of the contract between CK and client, these Terms and Conditions and general legal decrees.

12.4. For damage caused by client or by persons accommodated with him is client directly responsible to the accommodation owner.

12.5. In case CK intermediates services to client in accordance with clients’ demands and requirements, it is the provider of services who is carries the full responsibility in connection to the client.



13.1. In case any problems or defects arise while providing accommodation services, the client has a right in accordance with the decree § 741i of Civic code and CK complaints procedure to remove such defects. The client shall inform the accommodation owner and CK about the defect on a telephone number indicated in the travel voucher.

13.2. Contractual partners of CK – Accommodation owners, are responsible to instantly remove the defects and ensure further defect less continuation of the stay. Simultaneously, they are obliged to complete a written entry about defect compliant, in which will be indicated a description of the defect, comment from the accommodation owner, possibly comment from other persons and it will be signed by client and accommodation owner. It is necessary to complement the written entry with proofs concerning the defects (pictures, video, etc.). In case the accommodation owner rejected the written entry, the client is obliged to instantly inform about it CK.

13.3. In case the accommodation owner does not instantly remove the defect, the client can instantly enforce his/her right in writing with CK, but this cannot be later than three months since the check-out otherwise the right is terminated.

13.4. CK is obliged to deal and complete the compliant no later than 30 days since its delivery.



Terms and Conditions of providing services by CK KISKA TRAVEL, s.r.o. were issued in accordance with valid legal decrees concerning activities of travel agencies and hence if those decrees change the Terms and Conditions will be amended accordingly; in case any of the above statutes of Terms and Conditions are in contradiction with the valid legal decree, CK will comply with the legal regulation



On-line booking system and content of the website are intellectual property of the website provider- company KISKA TRAVEL, s.r.o., Poprad; copying and distributing content or part of the content of the website is possible only with prior consent of the website.