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1. How to search
2. Types of accommodation
3. Capacity of the object
4. How to find accommodation where pet is allowed?
5. Occupation of the object
6. How to get information about conditions of accommodation
7. How to book accommodation
8. What is it „community tax“
9. Guarantee
10. Discounts
11. How to pay
12. Why I have to pay in advance
13. What to do if I do not pay in advance in listed term?
14. What if I do not write the right number of people?
15. Can I change the reservation after the payment?
16. Cancelation of the stay
17. Voucher
18. What to do if there are any problems after arrival to the object?
19. When is the check in and check out?

20. What is it „my choice“?
21. What is it „my profile“
22. Why to register myself

1. How to search

- Basic searching
In basic searching you can search accommodation according to locality, type of the object, term and number of people.

- Advanced searching
After filling in the subsidiary datas , for example accommodation with pet, price within..., skiing within...km, you can search accommodation facilities according to these requirements.

- Searching on map
Searching on map is possible according to districts, ski centres, swimming-pools and also spa.

2. Types of accommodation

- what types of accommodation are in the offer of travel agency
In offer of Kiska Slovak Travel Agency you can find cottages, apartments, boarding houses, hotels and spa. If minimum number of people is accommodated in cottage there is no possibility to accommodated there other people if there is not listed otherwise.

- what does it mean 1/2, 2/2+1; + 1, apt. 1/2+2/3
1/2, 2/2+1; + 1: Accommodation facility offers 6 individual beds and three additional beds. Available are: one two-bedded room, two two-bedded rooms with possibility of additional bed and one more additional bed (for example in living room).
Apt. 1/2+2/3 - There is one two-bedded room and two three-bedded rooms in apartment.

- For how many nights is there possiblity to be accommodated in accommodation facilities
Accommodation in cottages and apartments is possible minimally for 2 and more nights, if it is not listed otherwise. If the accommodation is for 1 or 2 nights, there is an extra fee of 10,- €.

3. Capacity of the object

- Minimum and maximum number of people
Minimum number of people is minimum number of people for who it is necessary to pay and this is valid also in case if there will be accommodated less people. This is not valid in hotels and boarding houses.

- Max. vyťaženosť
Maximal number of people it is maximum number of people who can be accommodated in the object. 

4. How to find accommodation where pet is allowed?

- You fill in accommodation with pet in advanced searching or in quick searching fill in the text accommodation with pet allowed.

5. Occupation of the object

- red areas mean that object is occupied
- area which is red framed is the day of arrival or the day of departure. Accommodation is possible also in these days.
- Occupation which is listed on our web site is only approximate. If the term that you have chosen is not red, we will check it by the householder after receiving reservation from you.

6. How to get information about conditions of accommodation?

- please read General conditions of our travel agency before sending reservation.

7. How to book accommodation?

- For booking the accommodation it is necessary to fill in the form beside the object.
- You can book accommodation also by phone, on telephone numbers: +421 52 7765 445, +421 905 500 507, +421 903 407 407 or by e-mail on kiskatravel@kiskatravel.sk 

8. What is it „community tax“?

- Community taxi s fee which clients pay right on the spot at the day of arrival, if it is not listed otherwise.
- Community tax can be from 0,16 € per person per day till 1,- € per person per day.

9. Guarantee

Guarantee is paid right on the spot if client is accommodated in cottage or apartment. After the end of the stay householder gives the guarantee back to the client if there was no damage done during the stay. The client is responsible for the returning of the object in original condition at the end of the stay. If there is any damage done during the stay, the householder has right to use guarantee for paying the damage.

10. Discounts

- discounts for children - are valid only after fullfillment the minimum number of people
- for New Year´s Eve no discounts are valid, only basic prices for bed are valid in this season - you will get discount of 5 % of total price of the stay if you book accommodation for next time.
- discounts can not be connected

11. How to pay?

a) Deposit to our bank account in EUR
Account number - IBAN: SK38 1100 0000 0026 2003 3355
Variable figure: 67 + the number of reservation
Bank name : Tatra banka, a. s. 
Bank address: Nám. Sv. Egídia 95, 058 01 Poprad, Slovakia
Account name : Kiska Travel , s.r.o.
TA address : Karpatská 3256/15, 058 01 Poprad, Slovakia

12. Why I have to pay in advance?

- You confirm your booking by the payment. The payment is guarantee that you will start your stay.

13. What to do if I do not pay in advance in listed term?

- if you are still interested in accommodation after the listed date, please contact us. We will check your booking again and if it is possible we will extend it.

14. What if I do not write the right number of people?

- If there is more people in the arrival than it is listed in voucher the householder is not obligate to accommodate extra persons.

15. Can I change the reservation after payment?

- If there are some changes after payment, there is possibility to change the number of people or date of the stay, but the only if the householder agrees with the changes.

16. Cancelation of the stay

-  more than 60 days before starting the stay there is a cancelation fee of 20 % of total price.
59 - 30 days before starting the stay there is a cancelation fee of 35 % of total price.
29 days before starting the stay there is a cancelation fee of 55 % of total price. 
It is required to inform our travel agency about cancelation of the stay in wirting, by e- mail, by fax or by post.
If you are accommodated in hotel or boarding house, they have their own cancelation conditions which are valid.

17. What is the voucher

- After payment of total price you will get from our travel agency voucher with contacts and you need it for your accommodation.

18. What to do if there are any problems after arrival to the?

-  if you have problems with accommodation and there is no possibility to solve them with the householder, please contact us in the week on phone numbers: +421 52/ 7765 445, +421 905 500 507, + 421 903 407 407, and at the weekend on phone number: +421 905 407 407.

19. When is the check in and check out?

- Check in the cottages and apartments is from 2 p.m. till 7 p.m. and check out is til 10 a.m., if it is not listed otherwise.
- We recommend at latest 3 days before start of the stay to contact the householder and inform him about the arrival. You can find all contacts in voucher.
- Only the number of people assigned in voucher can be accommodated. If there is more people, householder does not have to accommodate extra persons. 

20. What is „my choice“?

- if you are interested in more objects, please put them in „my choice“.

21. What is „my profile“

- In this part you can find all history of your chosen objects and realized stays with calculations of the prices.

22. Why to register myself

- if you register yourself, you will get information about stays for bargain prices, about news and also possibility to use „my profile“.
- you will not to fill in your data in booking form. After fill in the name and password the data will be filled in automatically.